Year 2

Hello Year two

I hope you are all well and keeping busy.  I am sure you are all trying your best to get through all of the work I gave you and are enjoying time with your family. Please post on face book so I can see what you have been up to at home.

Topic Work:

Look at Percy the Park keeper stories on you tube linked to plants and animals for ideas for topic work:

  • Grow your own seeds or bulbs to find out plants need to grow
  • Look at animal habitats including micro- habitats for insects
  • Look at life cycles – butterfly link with symmetry and art
  • Food chains
  • Retell the Percy stories in writing or comic strips
  • Make up your own Percy story where Percy helps an animal in trouble
  • Look at how we need to keep healthy with food, exercise and hygiene
  • Look into the food groups
  • Look into what a healthy plate looks like
  • Create posters about healthy eating
  • Create a healthy lunch
  • Make a healthy sandwich

Look into what are fruits and vegetables – you could do some art printing with different fruit and vegetables

Here are some links to websites to help support you with work at home. Take care and stay safe!

Mrs. Burdon

Click to download home learning pack 1

Click to download home learning pack 2

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Click to download home learning pack 5

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