Year 5

Meet the teacher

My name is Mrs Campion and I am the year 5 teacher. I have been teaching at Dame Dorothy since 2012. I really enjoy linking our lessons to our termly topic; hopefully, the children will enjoy this too.


We have the opportunity to use a wide range of ICT resources such as laptops and iPads. We ensure that the children are aware of how to keep safe when using the internet and apps on phones or tablets. They are always extremely responsive to this. We will be looking at coding this term and how to debug this when issues arise. We will be learning about our E-mails and how to send correctly and safely.

PE lessons are on a Thursday afternoon. Please make sure your child has the correct kit and can remove any earrings they may be wearing. We will be taking part in gymnastics in the first half of the term, followed by tennis, with expert teaching from our PE coaches.

Please note, it is essential that your children have suitable footwear for PE sessions. Trainers or plimsolls must be worn.


The objectives for music in Year 5 include improvising and recording their own melodies. Using the digital resource, Charanga the children will have the opportunity to listen and appraise music, before composing their own melodies. As part of a whole school topic, we will listen to the music of Mason Bates – a modern composer. His music paints a picture of a mythical creature and we will listen and imagine the creature. Clarinet and flute lessons will continue with Mr Brown. Learning standard notation will be a challenge, but through the use of games and rhymes Year 5 will surely succeed. The children will be encouraged to record their own compositions using standard notation.

We go to the library on a Wednesday. Reading scheme books will be changed weekly on a Wednesday. We will do shared reading on a Thursday so all books must be swapped by then. Books will come home Thursday night to be returned the following Wednesday. The children will also have the opportunity to take a library book home to read at their leisure. We urge our children to read every day for 15-20 minutes. You can help by listening to your child read, ask questions about tricky vocabulary, and ask what they have understood in the text.

A few reminders

In year 5, your child will receive daily mental maths homework Monday – Thursday. On Friday, literacy work will be given to be returned the following Monday, this could be spellings, SPaG or reading. Homework is a great way of keeping parents informed about class learning, as well as giving the children the opportunity to consolidate their skills. Please feel free to see me or write in your child’s homework book if there are any issues. It is essential that home/school communication is effective. This partnership will ensure that the children receive the very best from school.

If parents have any concerns, however trivial you feel they maybe then please do not hesitate to speak to me. You can make an appointment at the office to see me afterschool.

We will be working on the following throughout the year:

  • Homophones
  • synonyms/antonyms
  • root words, prefixes and suffixes
  • Application of spelling rules
  • We are also focusing on the Year 5/6 curriculum spelling list of high frequency words

The teaching of spelling, grammar and punctuation (SPAG) forms an important element of the teaching of reading and writing in primary school. The SPaG element this term will involve using relative clauses, parenthesis, modal verbs and prepositional phrases. We will continue to use subordinate and co-ordinate conjunctions to help cohesion.

This term we will be reading Letters from a Lighthouse, and will be basing a lot of our literacy work around that, looking at narrative writing, newspapers and letter writing.

The book is excellent for our reading targets, looking at inference, prediction, retrieval and summary.

This term, our topic is Earth, Sun and Moon.

This topic is Science based with a focus how night and day occur, rotation of the Earth, gravity, the planets and the historical events of the space race.

Opportunities for reading and writing will also be linked to the topic, with a new book starting in February.

Reach for the Moon, by Buzz Aldrin.

Dame Dorothy Primary School boasts excellent mathematic skills. Each morning, the children have mental maths to complete. It is important that the children get to school promptly at 8:45am so they don’t miss out on their mental maths. I would also encourage the children to practise quick recall of all times tables up to 12×12, and related division facts at home.

Our work will include multiplication and division, fractions, percentages and decimals.