Year 2

My name is Mrs. Burdon and I am the Year two class teacher and Assistant head teacher. I have been teaching at Dame Dorothy for a long time alongside Miss. Baker who is year two teaching assistant.


This term we will be focusing on our spelling, punctuation and grammar.

We will be using SPAG in our independent writing.

We will be learning about different genres of writing including retelling stories, writing recounts, diaries and instructions.

The focus this term is to write in longer sentences with conjunctions.


We LOVE reading in Year two. We encourage children to read anything and everything from posters on the wall to leaflets that come through the door. The emphasis is reading for enjoyment!

Please read a story to your child EVERY night it will develop their love of stories and have a huge impact on their vocabulary!


We have very good key stage one results for Mathematics each year. Each morning the children have a mental maths task to complete. It is important that they be in school for 8:45 a.m. so that they do not miss this extra practice of core mental skills.

Encourage you children to recall the two, five and ten times tables as they need to know them off by heart.


We change reading and library books EVERY FRIDAY.

PLEASE try to remember books, as we are time tabled for the library on a Friday only.


This term is called ‘Percy the Park keeper’ and is Science based. We will be looking at plants and finding out what they need to grow and stay healthy. We will also be learning new skills in other subjects such as in history, art and Design technology.


At the beginning of term, we will be listening to “Peter and the Wolf” by Prokofiev. The children will examine the structure of this music and will learn about the woodwind family of instruments. It will also be a vehicle for the children to compose and record their own music, using tuned and untuned percussion instruments. More work will be done on the musical terms tempo, rhythm and pitch; the online resource Charanga Music will provide listening, composing and performing opportunities. The ocarina is an instrument from South America and during this term Y2 will be given the opportunity within lessons to learn to play this instrument.


PE lessons are on a WEDNESDAY.

Please make sure your child has the correct kit and can remove earrings before the lesson.

Please ensure your child has the correct footwear for PE as there are times when we will be outside for PE.

All P.E. will be taught by professional coaches.


We have a range of opportunities to use a range of ICT resources such as laptops and iPads. We ensure that the children are aware of how to keep safe online when using the internet. This term we are focusing on coding and we will be taught these new skills by Mrs Kirtley.


HOMEWORK is given out EVERY Friday and usually consists of things we have learnt during the week.

HOMEWORK is to be returned to school EVERY Wednesday.


Reading and Library book day is also FRIDAY.

If parents/carers have any concerns please try to catch me at home time or if I am unavailable speak to Miss Baker who also works in Year two.