Year 2

Year 2

My name is Mrs. Burdon and I am the Year Two class teacher and Assistant Head Teacher. I have been teaching at Dame Dorothy Primary since 1996 and have loved seeing new children arrive in nursery and then grow and mature. It is always emotional to see the children I have taught leave in Year six. This year Mrs Kirtley is also working with Year two which is great as she is already familiar with all of the children.


This term we will be focusing on our spelling, punctuation and grammar.

We will be using SPaG in our independent writing.

We will be learning about different genres of writing including retelling stories, writing recounts, diaries and instructions.

The focus this term is on handwriting and spelling.


We have very good key stage one results for Mathematics each year. Each morning the children have a mental maths task to complete. It is important that they be in school on time so that they do not miss this extra practice of core mental skills.

Encourage you children to recall the two, five, ten and three times tables as they need to know them off by heart.


We LOVE reading in Year two. We encourage children to read anything and everything from posters on the wall to leaflets that come through the door. The emphasis is reading for enjoyment!

Please read a story to your child EVERY night it will develop their love of stories and have a huge impact on their vocabulary!


This term our topic is called ‘Street Detectives’ and is all about our local area. We are focusing on history and geography and hopefully we will be getting out and about. We will link this with ‘materials’ in science and ‘sculpture’ in art. We will be looking at local landmarks and finding out about Roker in the past. We will be finding out about how the immediate area has changed over time.


We have plenty of opportunities to use a range of ICT resources such as laptops and iPads. We ensure that the children are aware of how to keep safe online when using the internet. PLEASE support your child to STAY SAFE when using the internet at home.


PE lessons are on a MONDAY.

Your child is allowed to come to school for the whole day in their P.E. kit.

New kits are available from Total Sport.

Please ensure your child has the correct footwear for PE as there are times when we will be outside for PE.

Please ensure all jewellery is removed.


HOMEWORK at the moment is limited.

Open homework has been given out for this half term.

In the future week’s homework such as spellings will be posted via Facebook. I will send a text to parents to let them know when the first week will be posted.

Please email me at if you have any queries or concerns: I’m happy to help!

All children have been provided with a named water bottle. These will be sent home each Friday to get washed and should be returned to school the following Monday.

Don’t forget we post regular updates on Facebook.