Nursery Staff

Mrs Merritt Nursery Teacher/SENDco Deputy

Mrs Stoddart Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ho Teaching Assistant

Nursery will have lots of fun this term, learning a range of key life skills and also learn more about the world around them as they grow, learn and develop.
They will have a mixture of whole class, small group and 1:1 teaching to support them to develop the skills they need to start their learning journey at Dame Dorothy Primary School.
They will continue to learn to make friends. share, explore, take turns, take risks, have-a-go and develop their abilities in all aspects of the curriculum and their personal development.
They will have fun, try new things and continue to develop their friendships.


This Term in Numeracy

We are learning to count small sets of objects – up to 5.
We are learning to rote count to 12.
We are learning to recognise numerals 1-3.
We are learning to put numbers 1-5 into the correct order.

We will be learning these skills through play based activities and whole class Numeracy lessons.
We will look at capacity in the water tray and sand tray and put small set of objects into order of size.
We will describe a range of 2d and 3d shapes.
We will use large and small construction kits to create a range of small and large scale models.

See if you can spot numbers when you are out and about on doors/wheelie bins and buses!


A few reminders

Pleasure ensure all items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name.

All pupils need a pair of wellies to access the outdoor area.

Please encourage your child at home to learn how to put on their own coat and also to be able to take off and put on their own shoes.

Topic Work

We will be learning about the changes in Springtime, growth, new life and the Christian Celebration of Easter. We will be looking closely at a number of story books including “Handa’s Surprise”, “Mr Wolf’s Pancakes” and “Jasper’s Beanstalk”.

We will continue to have weekly Nurturing sessions to explore our emotions, feelings and support us to develop positive relationships with others – this is following “The Family Link – Nurture Programme 3-5” – an evidence-based programme created by the “Family Links Charity” a national charity whose aim is that all people live an emotionally healthy life.


Nursery will continue to have weekly lessons in pre-phonics and speaking and listening.

This term we are looking closely at stories and thinking about the events, characters and settings of a range of stories both set in this county and the wider world.

We will enjoy a range of hands-on activities to allow us to develop our knowledge of language and communication and develop our ability to answer simple questions.

We will learn to recognise the initial sound in our name and in the names of our peers. We will learn to recognise our own name.

See if you can visit the Sunderland City Library in the city centre – it has a wide selection of lovely picture books and a cosy children’s reading corner too.