Year 1

Meet the teacher

My name is Mrs Horn and I am the year 1 teacher. I have been teaching at Dame Dorothy since 2009 and I really enjoy it – I’m sure your children will too. The other main staff working in year 1 are Mrs Kirtley and Miss Ward. If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to speak to any member of the year 1 team.

Our Classroom

Our classroom will continue to be organised very much like early years. There will be opportunities for independent learning in the classroom and adult led activities taking place in a quiet area just outside of the classroom to maximise the children’s ability to concentrate and get learning.


This term we will continue developing our writing skills, creating longer pieces of writing and using a range of punctuation such as question marks and exclamation marks. We will continue writing in a range of contexts such as stories, instructions, letters etc.

Dame Dorothy Primary School boasts excellent mathematic skills. This term, the children will continue with their mental maths as soon as they arrive in school at 8:45am. It is important that the children get to school promptly at 8:45am so they don’t miss this. In lesson time, we will be focusing on addition and subtraction within 20 and using our knowledge to solve problems and explain how we know. We will also be looking at reading, writing and understanding numbers to 50, as well as counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Please help us to practise this at home.

This term, our topic is called Memory Box – it is about our memories and things from the past. The children will be doing lots of fun activities and will enjoy learning about old fashioned transport. They will also have a walk around the local area to help them plan and draw their own maps.

In science this term, we will be looking at different materials. I am sure the children will enjoy using our building role play area.

Spellings will be sent home on a Friday. The majority will be year 1 common exception words (or red words) that the children must know by the end of the year. Please help your child to learn these words each week. The children will be tested the following Friday to see if they know them. Please make sure the blue spelling books are returned each week so the next week’s spellings can be stuck in.

We have the opportunity to use a wide range of ICT resources such as laptops and iPads. We ensure that the children are aware of how to keep safe when using the internet and they are always extremely responsive to this. Over the year, the children will be learning basic programming skills and will also learn how to write simple instructions (algorithms) to make things happen; the children are really motivated by this.

PE lessons are on Tuesday afternoons. Please make sure your child has the correct kit and has any earrings removed. We will be doing rugby for the first half term and multi-sports for the second half term via expert teaching from our PE coaches. Please note; it is essential that your children have suitable footwear for PE sessions. Trainers or well-fitting sand shoes should be worn. Please make sure that all items in the PE kit are clearly labelled to avoid any confusion. PE kits can be purchased from reception should you require one.


Homework, spellings, reading books and library books are sent home on a Friday. These are due in the following Wednesday and the children will be tested on their spellings the following Friday. All homework set will be relevant to learning in class. Homework is a great way of keeping parents informed about class learning, as well as giving the children the opportunity to consolidate their skills.

Please read with your child and make comments in the reading record book provided. Reading is very important to practise at this stage and any reading you do will be helpful to your child. Read together, share favourite stories, read a range of fiction and non-fiction, whatever takes your fancy! Above all, reading should be fun and we aim for children to want to read so try not to make it a chore.

We go to the library on a Thursday to change library books. Please note, new library books will only be issued if the previous one has been returned.

Water bottle

Please provide your child with a water bottle that they can recognise as their own – we have a water fountain in our bay for the children to access.

Coming to school and going home safely

Please drop your child off at 8.45am at the Y5 & Y6 entrance.

Staff are on hand to support children in the cloakroom. We encourage them to hang up their own coats and bags to develop their independence.

At home time, the children will be dismissed from the classroom fire door. Staff will be on hand to supervise and to make sure children are dismissed safely to parents.