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This Term in Numeracy

The children will be exploring 2d and 3d shapes within the environment and discussing the properties of shape using the appropriate vocabulary.

Reception children will be concentrating on the mastery approach to maths up to five and counting to greater numbers in context too.

Nursery children will be counting aloud, counting sets of everyday items throughout the routine of the day and number recognition up to 5,


Reception will start to learn to read and write this term. We will be following the “Read Write Inc.” program created by Ruth Miskin.

This lesson will be taught daily for 30 minutes every day. Children will have follow on tasks to consolidate this learning. Letter recognition, formation and an introduction to blending and segmenting will cover the graphemes s,a,t,p,i,n d, g,o,c,k. Homework will reflect what has been covered each week.


Reception class is Friday. Please come wearing a kit and trainers.

Nursery PE is Friday, no kit required.

Topic Work

The topic work that is covered encourages the children to speak confidently and extend their vocabulary and experiences in the following areas.

This term our topics will cover a range of areas in order to provide a context for pupil’s learning.

Our first topic will be Local History’. This is a whole school topic and EYFS will be given opportunities to learn about the importance of St Peter’s Church being instrumental in introducing glass books and building with stone.

We will also cover festivals including Harvest, Sukkot,Diwali  Advent and Christmas.

Outdoor Provision

Our EYFS area has an amazing outdoor space that we use as often as we can. Accessing the area requires the children to have their own labelled pair of wellington boots. These are kept in school and are only sent home if they are too small or at the end of the year.

The children also need a come to school wearing a coat that is waterproof. Coats and jackets often get muddy or dirty so please ensure that they are washable.

Don’t forget, if your child comes home dirty it usually means that they have enjoyed lots of fun.


Children are encouraged to pay a half termly contribution of 50p a week. This money is used to support baking costs and special events such as Christmas and Easter parties or treats while on trips.

If the children are going on a planned trip parents will be informed by letter and a contribution asked for. The Friends of Dame Dorothy and the school subsidise these experiences and every effort is made to keep costs as small as possible.

On rare occasions the children might be taken out to places in very short proximity to the school. We have visited the library, the old people’s home or perhaps the shops.

Parent Helpers

Parents and carers are welcome to come in and help at any time. It may be that you have a special skill such as cooking, sewing or woodwork. Perhaps you would prefer to work alongside a practitioner. Please let us know if you would like to join us.

Reporting to Parents

Parents are invited to come to two formal parent evenings, including an initial reading meeting early in the Autumn term for reception children. A meeting for parents of nursery children will be arranged in the first term to explore how you can support your child’s learning. A formal report is provided for all children in EYFS at the end of the Summer term.

Parents and carers are encouraged to view their child’s progress on Tapestry. If concerns arise then please contact a member of the team to make an appointment.


As you are probably aware we keep an online account to celebrate the wow moments in your individual child’s learning. These can be accessed on your iPad or iPhone. If you are not using your account please do so as it provides a wonderful snapshot of your child within our provision.

If you require any help to log on then please speak to Mr Byers at the main office. He will help you with a log in and a password.

Staff love to see when parents comment and reply to the posts.

Also, keep up to date with our regular posts on Facebook.

A few reminders

Please email me at teacher@damedorothy.org.uk if you have any queries or concerns: I’m happy to help!

School branded water bottles to be used in school only. These will be sent home each Friday to get washed and should be returned to school the following Monday.

Please make sure that all items of uniform, PE kit and coats are clearly labelled to avoid any confusion should the children remove them.

Don’t forget we post regular updates on Facebook.