Pupil Voice


I love Dame Dorothy because no matter what gender nationality or religion everyone is welcome.


I love all of the teachers in Dame Dorothy as they never give up on teaching children if they are stuck. I love that the school accept girls to play football tennis volleyball and all other clubs. This school doesn’t let only boys play they give girls a chance.


 I love the fact that our headteacher is athletic and really fast but best of all canny. I love the chef’s cooking skills and how kind they are.


I like how kind this school is. All my life I have went here and found nothing but happiness. But what stands out to me the most is the incredible education we receive every single year.


The thing I love about Dame Dorothy is how safe you feel in school like that nobody in the school is not nice and everybody helps each other. The other thing that is amazing is the amount of sports this school has.


I like the community in Dame Dorothy, I love the sport they do for us to keep us healthy. I especially like the jokes all the teachers have with the students.


I love the kindness from all the teachers and Dinner ladies. I love how the school saves up money so we can go on trips.