Year 4

Year 4

Meet the teacher

My name is Mr Clark and I am the year 4 teacher. I have been teaching at Dame Dorothy since March and I really enjoy it and I’m sure your children will do too.

The literacy lessons consist of the teaching of a number of key elements; Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (SPaG) and text level work which involves reading a text and then exploring it through shared writing and independent writing. The SPaG element will involve using commas in the correct places, using relative clauses, paragraphs and much more. This will be done on a Monday morning.

Dame Dorothy Primary School boasts excellent mathematic skills. Each morning, the children have mental maths to complete. It is important that the children get to school promptly at 8:45am so they don’t miss out on their mental maths. I would also encourage the children to access a number of online games at home (TT Rockstars) which will help develop their stamina towards their knowledge of times tables and related division facts as well as quick fire addition/subtraction mental maths.
In maths teaching, we are working in line with the White Rose Maths curriculum which uses equipment, pictures as well as formal methods to support their learning. The children must know their times tables and related division facts to support them in their work. It’s the basis of so much of what we will learn this year!

This term we will be continuing to look at ‘Who let the Gods out’ by Maz Evans. We will be developing our vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarising skills (VIPERS) to develop our understanding in reading. In terms of writing, we will be looking at a range of different styles from non-chronological reports to adventure and fantasy stories. Our writing also ties in with our topic work this term which can be found below.

Y3 and 4 generally have the same spellings over the course of the year. This half-term our spelling focus will be on homophones, near-homophones and words from the Y3/4 common exception words list. Spellings will be sent home and tested every Monday.

In History this term, we will be continuing our study of the Roman Empire and its effect on Britain, using both modern and contemporary sources.

In Geography, we will be exploring the continent of Europe and how it has changed since Roman times.

In Science we will be looking at Sound and Light, how they are created, how we can measure them and what effects they can have. This will tie in with our Art and DT topics this term by creating seascapes and using a circuit to create sound.

We have the opportunity to use a wide range of ICT resources such as laptops and iPads. We ensure that the children are aware of how to keep safe when using the internet and they are always extremely responsive to this. On a weekly basis, the children are learning basic programming skills and are learning to write simple instructions (algorithms) to make things happen; the children are really motivated by this.

PE lessons are on Wednesday afternoons, children can come into school wearing PE kit, this consists of a navy school t-shirt, navy shorts or jogging bottoms and a navy school hoodie, trainers should also be worn. Please make sure any earrings are removed on PE day. We will be playing tennis for the first half term with Steve & Hannah from Boldon LTC, athletics with Donna after half term. PE kits can be purchased from Total Sport, should you require one.

A few reminders
Homework will be given out on a Monday and asked to be returned the following Monday.

Please encourage your children to read at home as this is a skill that will be very important as they progress through Key Stage 2.

Please email me at if you have any queries or concerns: I’m happy to help!

School branded water bottles to be used in school only. These will be sent home each Friday to get washed and should be returned to school the following Monday.

Please make sure that all items of uniform, PE kit and coats are clearly labelled to avoid any confusion should the children remove them.

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