Year 1



My name is Mrs Booth and I am the class teacher in year 1.

The year 1 team are myself, Mrs Kirtley, Mrs Gordon, Mrs Leslie and Miss Ward.


This term our topic is Toys!

We will be looking at toys in the present and the past and thinking about the differences between the types of toys children played with long ago and the toys they play with now.  We will then using what we find out to help us to study materials and their properties in science.


In numeracy we are mainly looking at counting in 2s and 5s, we will be looking at this topic from lots of different angles and in lots of different ways to develop the children’s understanding and mastery of the patterns and processes of counting in different units, this will prepare them for more formal multiplication in the future.

We will also begin doing some mental mathematics in the morning which will help the children learn by heart basic addition and subtraction number facts.


Handwriting we have already begun looking at and learning the new cursive letter shapes, taught in the letter-join handwriting programme, which we have adopted as our school’s handwriting scheme.  As this is new to the children we are taking our study at a nice steady pace and have just begun practising the simple letters in the programme, we will not be expecting the children to include the new letter formation shapes for the time being in their own writing but will just be practising these as part of formal handwriting lessons.


We go to the library on Thursdays, please make sure your child has their library book in their blue book bag on this day.


Homework day is Friday, for now our homework is just reading, please make sure your child returns their book in their cardboard homework file ready for changing and don’t forget to write a short comment letting us know how your child coped with their book.


P.E. is on Tuesday, this term we are learning football, your child will need their P.E. kit every week including suitable footwear for indoor PE.
The children need to have their own water bottle in school so they can have access to fresh water throughout the day, please note that, if they take their bottle home and forget to bring in back, school cannot provide them with a bottle or a cup as it is not good practise for children to share drinking containers.


The year 1 staff are available after school most days if you have any questions or anything you wish to share.