Sunrise Breakfast Club

Sunrise Breakfast Club plays a vital role at Dame Dorothy. Our dedicated staff help to deliver a healthy and nutritious breakfast to our children in a safe and secure social environment prior to the start of their school learning time.

We have witnessed first-hand that our breakfast club has a positive impact on our students’ ability to concentrate. Students who eat breakfast are more prepared to learn and stay focused. A benefit which can help our children reach their full potential.

The service we provide in our school is particularly essential for families who may not have the resources to provide breakfast for their children at home or for parents with early work commitments.

Our students can enjoy a healthy start to the day from 8am with the choice of both hot and cold options available. A choice of cereals, yogurts, toast and bagels with a selection of drinks offers a variety to suit their taste buds. After breakfast, the children have time to have fun playing games, to read, to chat, get help with homework or socialise with friends, until it’s time for class.

If you would like to book your child into the Sunrise Breakfast Club, have any questions or have a query regarding dietary requirements, please speak to our staff on the reception or call the main office.