Young Leaders



We have a team of Young Leaders at Dame Dorothy Primary.

They are responsible for organising games on a lunch time, with Reception to Year 4, they have resources to assist with the activities. The Young Leaders also take photos of the activities and give stickers as a reward. All this is done under the watchful eye of Mrs Leslie.

Our Young Leaders were trained in January 2016 by Mr Thom from Biddick Academy. Mrs Leslie then organised the Young Leaders into rotas to work with Years 1 and 2. Every Young Leaders facilitate games and give out stickers as rewards. Mrs Leslie meets the Young Leaders every week to help and support them. The Young Leaders also run the Change 4 Life programme on Tuesday and Friday lunchtimes with special activity bags full of great equipment. Our Young Leaders are a source of great pride to our school.

Why I like being a Young Leader…

“I like being a young leader because we can interact with other children and we can have fun playing games with classmates.”
– Ben

What does it mean to you to be a Young Leader?

“To be a Young Leader is to sort of be a teacher. We don’t just play games, we learn the children in a fun also enjoyable way. I love being a Young Leader I look forward to playing games with the children, I think children do too, each week.”
– Elliott

“It means that I have an opportunity to get to play with the little ones and share my experiences. You get to teach them in a fun way. Certain children like to play with us.”
– Evie

“GREAT!! I love being a Young Leader because I love playing and doing activities with the children!!”
– Amina