Year 5

Hi year 5, welcome to our website link. I hope you are enjoying reading Letters from the lighthouse. Has anyone been sneaky and read the full book, before doing the work set? I know I would be tempted!

Did you see the email from Emma Carroll? I found her publishers Email address, explained we were working on her book and she sent this lovely message for you all.

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Hello Kate, hello Year 5!

I am thrilled to hear you’ve been enjoying Letters From The Lighthouse together. It’s sad that’s been interrupted by the school closures, but its important to stay well and keep safe, which I’m sure you’re all doing brilliantly. I wonder how Olive and Cliff would’ve reacted to the situation we’re in currently? You might remember at the start of the book they haven’t been to school in London for ages, which was the reality for lots of children during the war. At least we don’t have to eat mock banana sandwiches these days! Hope you enjoy studying the rest of the book, at home and/or when you return to school. Just so you know there’s a sequel to Letters called When We Were Warriors ( its 3 stories set in WW2, the middle story being the sequel to Letters).

Sending you all very best wishes



This is a great free resource to help with workbooks to help each week. It looks at reading, Spelling, grammar and writing.

The above link lets you choose any book on these pages to click, and listen. Great for bedtime or sitting in the garden and having someone read to you



How are you finding the fraction work? I hope that the step-by-step approach is helping you. Did any of you manage the deeper thinking skills part?

We are moving to Decimals next.

Here are some links to help you.

If you start at week one, it takes you step by step through understanding decimals and our key areas of decimals up to 3 decimal places ( tenths, hundredths and thousandths) decimals as fractions, decimals and then finally rounding and ordering decimals.

The link above is a great video to help explain decimals and their place value. Just like our lessons at school, it starts very easy then moves on until its fully explained.

This is a fun site full of logical games, my favourites so far is the card game and their version of countdown. There is also a race game to play once you can change fractions into decimals. It’s an American site so click grade 5 for our year group. You can access the games and puzzles without having to login.

Our topic is Earth, Sun and Moon

We will be learning about phases of the moon.

You could print out this moon diary to fill in or make your own? What do you notice about how the moon looks? How does it change?


Can you watch this link and then fill in this diagram, or better still, make your own to explain why we see the moon differently throughout the month?

Send Mrs. Campion an email to share what you have discovered, your opinions and any diagrams you make.

How is your open homework going?

Did you manage to discover something about Copernicus or Galilio that you think I might not know?

I can’t wait to see your biography that you wrote or your open homework project.

I enclose the email to send them to


Here is the copy of the open homework letter, your children should have the pack in their folders.