Day 5 2014

Jess and Cameron.

This week has been amazing, it has been fun and action packed. We have all enjoyed the week so much and we would love to come again. We have been taught to use new skills. It has been brilliant.


I love Derwent Hill my favourite bit was canoeing when Jessica fell in. I loved the dorm I was in I got along with all the girls and this was an amazing experience.


This week was amazing and I loved going on the Death Swing I had to jump off it and I was so scared that I screamed, I was so close to the tree!


Derwent Hill was an excellent opportunity for me to learn how to be independent. It also told me that I can be a brave person if I just try it first. Since I was afraid of heights, the death swing was the best example.

Chloe and Niamh.

Derwent hill was a great time. My favourite part was the death swing we closed our eyes each time, it was AMAZING. I think my time at Derwent hill will help me to do more exciting and dangerous stuff. We both had a great time. Thanks Mrs Maughan!

Kyle S and Kyle C

WOW. This week was AMAZING. All the great things we got to do and see like the mountains and the gorge. Our favourite part was gorge walking we got SOKED! this was probably the the best time as we were here last year.

Luke and Talia

Derwent Hill was awesome! This week contained loads of fun activities like gorge walking, the death swing and lots more. The death swing was mine and Talia’s favourite part. When we went gorge walking we got soaked with freezing cold water. In total every thing was best.

Elias Ho

This week has flown by at Derwent Hill! The weather was great and the activities were very exciting. My highlight of the week was canoeing and the Death Swing. I also enjoyed the other activities including Gorge walking, mountain day, Orienteering and many more. Over all, Derwent Hill was awesome.

Jayden and Billie

This week has been Amazing at Derwent hill! The activities are cool we done mountain walking,canoeing ,gorge walking, high ropes and death swing. Everybody went on the death swing in group one and it was fab. Our week at Derwent Hill was great and I’m looking forward to next year.

Christopher and Sydney

My week at Derwent Hill has to be one of the best experiences ever my favourite  part was gorge walking  and I loved being in the dorms. The best part of was the death swing it was amazing!

Holly K and Holly J

My week at Derwent Hill was an amazing experience to be apart of. I have learned to take care of myself and take responsibility of what I need to do. Our best experience was the whole week but for us we loved the death swing most!

Emily Colborn

My week at Derwent hill was the best week I  have ever had in my life. I have learnt to tidy up I after myself and have responsibility learnt to make new friends from other schools and I made a lot. My favourite part was going gorge walking it was my best part of the week!

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