Day 2 2016

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Tired but excited, we awoke; a new day had begun. After breakfast, everyone gathered in the common room (meeting area) and was told by their tutor what they were doing that day- my group was going on a mountain walk. Ian, our instructor, told us exactly what we needed then helped us pack our bags.
We got the mini-bus from Derwent Hill to the bottom of Walla Crag (name of the mountain). Then we struggled up the first hurdle of the rocky surface, to the path above. The hardest part is definitely getting up there. Legs aching, we made it to the top and ate a well deserved lunch. Singing all the way was our tutor; talking all the way were kids.
On the way back, we popped into a sweet-shop; there we filled our pockets with all sorts of goodies. We took ages. On the way home, were told about all the floods that affected the area just before Christmas, and how high the water levels rose. We were told that it was terrifying!
When we got back we flopped on the sofas, in the lounge, and was given a warm cup of hot-chocolate, amazing. We could finally rest and have a nice night in.

By Charlotte S Group 2

Day 2
At 7.30am we dragged ourselves out of bed raring for the day ahead. We found out that we were going to be climbing Castle Crag. When we set off, the weather was dull but not raining however, by about lunchtime it started to rain and didn’t stop! It was a good job we had our red tomato suits with us. We stopped for lunch in a dark, damp cave half way up the hill.
After lunch – which was delicious – we continued towards the summit of the mountain. We made our way up a zig-zag slate path which was very steep; we were exhausted and breathless. We felt relieved and thrilled that we made it to the top. We were astounded by the view from the top. We could could see Derwentwater and Keswick from the top. We made our way back to Derwent Hill but we were soaked (especially Lacy who fell in a swamp). We had a brilliant day and are looking forward to the rest of the week!
By Jonathan and Lacy