We believe that DT is an important part of the curriculum for our children.  Through DT the children learn vital skills and knowledge which will prepare them to be a healthy and useful adult in society.  We ensure that DT is inclusive and that the skills learned are built upon as the children move through school.


DT is split into 2 parts, the development of technical, designing, making, building and evaluating skills and cookery and nutrition.  We aim to give the children access to knowledge of healthy foods and how to shop for and prepare them and to develop a variety of technical skills such as making levers and pulleys and following a design, make and evaluate approach to produce a range of useful products.  Skills and knowledge are developed through the year groups and children are given opportunities for practical work, including the planning, preparation and tasting of a range of healthy foods and meals.


We believe an emphasis on the practical side of DT will prepare the children for adulthood, offering them the knowledge and skills they require to cook and enjoy healthy food, as well as practical skills which they can apply to day to day tasks in adulthood.


RE Curriculum Overview

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