Dame Dorothy –

Springwell Village –

St John Boste –

The Triad 2013-2019

There have been many changes in the education system over recent years and one of the most noticeable has been the reduction of influence of the local authority and their capacity to support school improvement.

As a forward thinking and proactive school the staff and governors of Dame Dorothy Primary entered into a collaborative partnership with two other schools from the city to provide support and challenge to one another. This partnership proved hugely successful in raising standards of all three over a six year period.

The ‘Triad’ was formally established in September 2013 and launched with a joint INSET day that sought to promote the wide ranging opportunities it offered to all its stakeholders. From this launch the Triad quickly gathered momentum to become an integral part of our school improvement programme.

Its effect has been felt most at leadership level; providing challenge about the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom and in exercise books; the outcomes for pupils through internal data and RAISE/ASP; the relevance of the school improvement plan and the accuracy of our self-evaluation through the SEF. The programme of challenge was refined to become a key element of our school improvement. Governors too have been part of this process, sharing joint inset on the latest Ofsted changes.

The impact has not ended there either. Teachers have taken the opportunities on numerous occasions to work alongside one another in different settings to take in new ideas and strategies. Subject leaders worked together to support middle leadership across all subjects. Office, admin and premises staff closely supported each other with new ideas, policy changes and appointing new staff.

Children have shared exciting learning opportunities such as athletics meetings, school council exchanges and challenge days for ICT, maths and English.

The Triad partnership received critical acclaim and recognition from Newcastle University as our story was retold in several publications, such as the BERA, and discussed in ERASMUS conferences in Eastern Europe. At a time when schools became quickly isolated the Triad partnership performed a significant role in maintaining and raising standards.