Year 6

Hello Year 6. I hope you and your family are all safe and well. I’ve put together some useful links for you to follow and some literacy activities so that you are not missing out on your learning journey. This is a great time to learn some new skills at home. It’s been lovely to see your photographs. I’m pleased to see that some of you have even been learning to cook!

Click to download home learning pack no 1

Click to download home learning pack no 2

Click to download home learning pack no 3

Click to download home learning pack No4

Click to download home learning pack No5

Click to download White Rose week 4


Please keep reading our class novel. I gave you some activities to go along with it which should keep you busy for a while. Other ideas you could include might be:

  • Write a letter to the author to tell her what you are doing and what you think of her book (I’m trying to find a way to contact her).
  • Write a newspaper report about the plane crash and the search for the children.
  • Find out about animals that live in the Amazon jungle. Write a booklet about them.
  • Draw/paint pictures of an animal of your choice
  • You could write in a new chapter. Maybe the children come across another child who is also lost.


Please watch and take part in these daily maths lessons from Gareth Metcalf. They are absolutely brilliant.

An Intorduction to Home Lessons by See Maths 


I hope you are enjoying the Captain Scott topic. Keep working through the activities that I gave you. Here are some youtube links to some interesting geography/history videos linked to out topic.

History KS2 Explorers: Robert Falcon Scott 

The Antarctic: A Posting Like No Other 

Could you be an Antarctic Scientist? – Life in the Freezer 

Learn All Abut Penguins 

Geography Lesson: Time Zones Explained 

Weather vs Climate: Crash Course Kids 

Climate and Vegetation Zones – Geography 



Electrical Circuits and Symbols – Physics 

The Power of Circuits 

Conductors and Insulators – Physics