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Here’s some fabulous ideas to help you continue to learn and love music! Music is good for your wellbeing and can help spread happiness!!


Musician of the month for June is focussing on The Rolling Stones!


Musician of the month for May is focussing on Stevie Wonder!


  1. Music of the Month for April is focussing on Kathryn Tickell

Kathryn Tickell is an expert in the use of the Northumbrian pipes, a composer, performer, educator and successful recording artist whose work is deeply rooted in the landscape and people of Northumbria.

What can you find out about her?

Do you like her style of music?

Can you make your own set of Northumbrian pipes? (Try using a carrier bag and straws or sticks!!)

Send Mrs. Ireland an email to share what you have discovered and your opinions.


  1. Find a musician you’ve not heard of before. Do some research to find out about their life and listen to some of their music. You could make a poster with the information you’ve found. Here are some suggestions:-
  • Xian Xinghai
  • Billie Holiday
  • Louis Armstrong 
  • Marin Alsop