Day 4 2014

Group 2

We went mountain climbing today except we didn’t exactly climb the mountain because there was a ‘Gruffalo hunt’ so our instructor decided that we should do that. We had to go and find signs in the woods which had instructions on them to tell us which way to go. At the end there was activities. One of them was to build a shelter out of twigs then we had to sit inside it. We had a lovely surprise which was hot chocolate! It was brilliant. We had so much fun!

Group 3

Today group 3 went gorge walking. We had to wear our red tomato suits! Gorge walking is when you walk in a stream full of rocks and waterfalls. It would have been very cool if there was a hot tub at the end because there was freezing pools to swim in! We had to give the person behind us instructions like: there’s as slippy rock in front, so they didn’t fall. Team work was a key skill today! After lunch we went on the high ropes course. We needed a harness and a helmet to keep us safe before we could start. It was a very high course which we had to climb and then stand up on the top wooden log. It felt very wobbly! After that we climbed up a tall wooden pole then we had to make the leap of our lives and catch the trapeze bar. It was epic!

Group 1

Today we started with orienteering in the grounds. Orienteering is when you have to go round the grounds looking for clues with a map. It was good fun and we worked as a team. After lunch we got ready for gorge walking. We were lucky because we had a wet suit on and that kept us warm in the freezing cold pools. Cameron’s favourite bit was when he went through the tunnel. It was a bit scary! Team work was important when we were in the gorge and we are really good at that! It’s made us all really hungry and we are ready for our tea.

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