Day 3 2014

Group 1

Hi! This is Cameron, Sydney, Josh, Niamh, Kyle, Jayden, Billie, Athena, Sam and William. Today we went canoeing. We had about 5 races and we also got soaking wet! We had great fun splashing each other! After that we did the high ropes challenge. It looked a bit scary, but it was great fun! Most of us conquered our fears but some found it difficult. Everyone tried their best though! On the evening we wore a blindfold and helmet. After that we split into groups and had to follow a rope line around the forest. It was hilarious when we crashed into trees!

Group 2

This morning’s activity was orienteering. We enjoyed this because we got to explore the garden which is huge. It was an adventure! It was Ethan’s birthday today and he got the biggest cake in the world which was covered in marshmallows and chocolate buttons! Today, like every day we had cereal for breakfast followed by a full English breakfast. It was very tasty! We went to the gorge this afternoon and had the best time ever… Well some of us did! We jumped from a rock into a pool and went down lots of slides. A lot of us didn’t like the cold but some loved it! We are looking forward to tomorrow.

Group 3

Callum’s favourite part of the day was his breakfast! He had: sausages, bacon, egg and toast! After breakfast we had a meeting with Chris (our group leader) and he said “we will be going down a lead mine then we will be climbing Cat Bells.” He told us to get certain pieces of clothing, a lunch box and a water bottle. We got on a mini bus and Dan drove us to Littletown. We walked to the lead mine first. We had torches but when we got right in the mine, Chris told us to turn them off! It was pitch black and quite scary! We set off walking at a slow pace and walked for about 2 hours and then stopped for lunch. We set off again and eventually reached the top of Cat Bells. It was really hard work! We had more food at the summit before walking back to Derwent Hill. It was very tiring! After tea we completed the night line.

The whole day was AWESOME!

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