Day 3 2016

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Group one went into the television lounge,which has three sofas in, and were told what they were going to be doing today (which was canoeing).After this we went to get some gear this included :

                                                                                                       . Wet suit 
                                                                                                       . Helmet 
                                                                                                       . Life jacket
                                                                                                       . Canoe paddle 
Happily, we had a lot of fabulous fun canoeing. When we were underwater, after jumping in, we saw some pike fish swimming around joyfully in the lake. That was group ones morning activity and it was fun despite the heavy rain. Absolutely soaking, we came back to the centre for lunch.

Group two had their biggest challenge today – The Death Swing! Terrified of the death swing, looking up, I climbed up the ladders ready to swing, I couldn’t do it I had to climb back down maybe I will be braver next year, in year six.

In the afternoon, group one and two went gorge walking. Honister gorge was not itself due to the fact that it was pelting down with rain. The water was gushing down as fast as lightning which made it too dangerous to climb the waterfalls. Group two were a bit more adventurous and had a go! Not sticking to the plan group one went up to a longer lovely waterfall caused by the heavy rain that morning and evening. Even though this happened, we still had an excellent time gorge walking. 

What a brilliant day! We can’t wait for tomorrow!

               By Elle (group two) and Mary (group one).

Day three has been, extremely, eventful. My group (3) went walking today, I’m not sure what the weather is like in Sunderland but I hope it’s better than what we had here today! 

Even though the conditions  was trying it’s hardest to make us turn for home but nothing could stop us from trying to get to the top of Castle Crag – one of the various mountains that lie within the Lake District. Our instructor, Lane, brought his dog (Jake) with him as he said he usually does. We set off for the mountain with the rain pouring down on us and our tomato suits on. The rocky path led us to the base of the mountain, from there we followed it along until Lane took us from the main path and on to a smaller one. 

After following it for a while, we came across a massive cave mouth, we were told to that a man had once lived here as he was so passionate about the great outdoors. Lane told us that people would walk all the way from the base of the mountain just to ask him to take them out on mountain walks or go canoeing (I would have said the walk up the great mountain was a big enough commute!) we went inside and ate our lunch as there was shelter from the rain. When we had finished, we put our hoods up and headed out into the rain and back on up the steep climb. 

Up to he mountain we walked until we had to sit down for a break, then, we walked on. Up and up and up and up and up and up, eventually we were just 100 meters away from reaching the top.

When we did eventually reach it a good feel came over us. I was happy to have gotten to he top of Castle Crag after the hard work I put into getting there but most of all I just wanted to put on some warm, dry clothes. 

It took us about an hour to get down again and we made it back in time to get something from the little shop outside. It was crazy but we all did it anyway but even the cold couldn’t put us off a good looking cone of ice-cream!!!

I can’t wait for tomorrow, this little report has taken a while and I better be going to sleep now!! 
(It’s late).

Rebecca Adie (Y6).