Day 2 2014

We are having a bit of a nightmare with the internet connection at Derwent Hill. The connection speed is very slow which is making the uploading of the photographs very difficult. Most of the photographs today are of Group 3 because my Ipad is the only one that can access Dropbox, the App that we are using to send photos back home. We have loads of photographs on all the devices we have with us and I am trying my best to resolve the problem along with Mr Byers at your end. The worse case scenario will be that we will have to wait until Friday when we return to update the website however I will keep trying!

We have all had an amazing day today. The weather has been warm and mostly sunny. Group 1 have been on their mountain walk with the highlight being a swim in the lake on their return! Group 2 started the day on the big swing. The afternoon was spent canoeing on the lake followed by a swim. Group 3 began the day canoeing to an island followed by ice cream at a shoreside cafe! The afternoon brought the challenge of the big swing which proved very popular. Tea went down well with most children choosing either fish and chips or chicken. We are just preparing for supper time and are hoping for another peaceful nights sleep! The children are all having fun and are behaving brilliantly! We are looking forward to another fun packed day tomorrow


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