PE is taught as an essential element that promotes an active lifestyle to support the physical and mental well-being of all pupils.

PE is delivered as an inclusive and fun session that promotes key skills through a range of core sports delivered by professional coaches and supported by staff and our own PE apprentice.

We see PE as a life changing and life enhancing session that we hope will see children continue outside of school, hours. Daily physical activity takes place outside of PE lessons through our daily mile, lunchtime activities and extended school offer.


PE is taught in a block unit each half term across the school from EYFS to year 6. The coaches build on a progressive delivery of skills to each year group. The core sports covered in school are gymnastics, athletics, tennis, dance, cricket and football. Swimming is delivered to year 4, 5 and 6 once each per term. Staff are expected to engage and support the coach during each lesson as part of their ongoing CPD.

Coaches talent ID children to external clubs and to an additional in school session to extend the more able children.

School is part of a thriving neighbourhood cluster that allows team competition between schools for a range of sports across most year groups.


The PE curriculum at Dame Dorothy is of a high quality with excellent delivery from selected coaches supported by school staff. Children are assessed by school against the planned outcomes of coaches.

PE Curriculum Overview

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PE Progression

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