Early Years


We aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment where our children can enjoy positive relationships with staff and peers. Close parent partnerships are encouraged as we believe that this is the basis for a positive foundation experience.

We believe that children learn best following their own interests through a variety of self- initiated and adult led tasks. We promote hands on, experiential learning using indoor and outdoor activities.

Our safe and nurturing EYFS unit for 3 to 5-year olds offers an engaging and stimulating environment where children can meet their potential under the guidance of our experienced teachers and practitioners.


We believe that the term teaching covers many facets within our setting. We believe that the quality of our continuous provision enhances the ability of our children to immerse themselves in deep learning. Children have free access to a variety of indoor and outdoor resources as well as the regular changing of enhancements.

We offer a wide range of workshop areas that are predominantly based upon current topics and the interests of the children.

Teacher led activities are planned on a daily basis to cover Literacy, Numeracy and the driver subjects that form our cross curricular approach.


The primary focus of all of our teaching is the development of communication and language. There is a heavy emphasis upon modelling composition of speech and exploring new experiences to expose the children to new vocabulary. For example, the children have a garden and a fully functioning kitchen. This links to our setting promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

We fully embrace the demographics of our children and endeavour to explore different faiths, belief and cultures of our families.

Living within close proximity of the sea and river we include learning about the local environment. This promotes the Beach School qualification that is held. EYFS children also enjoy a full physical education curriculum accessing timetabled slots outdoors, discreet PE lessons from highly qualified coaches and an emphasis upon wellbeing activities e.g., mindfulness and yoga.

We firmly aspire to create an experience and language rich setting that serves to promote the features of executive function for our learners. Our expectation is that this will impact the lives of our children to build the skills required to focus, learn, explore and thrive.