Our intent for art and design at Dame Dorothy is to give the children opportunities to develop the skills required to express themselves in a wide range of artistic styles using a range of media. 

We aim to make art creative an inclusive by studying different artists and cultures and use this as a basis to develop skills, build confidence and express themselves through their ideas.  Children will be given opportunities to apply the skills they have developed in topic related tasks and projects.


Art at Dame Dorothy is split into several strands which are studied in blocks throughout the academic year.  Each art topic is mapped across all year groups to ensure progression.  We place an emphasis upon knowledge to ensure children understand the context of the artwork and artists.

All year groups begin the year looking at drawing, learning techniques to develop skills in line, proportion and shading.  After this year groups all focus on Colour, looking at colour theory, colour mixing and colour wheels.  Over the course of their time at Dame Dorothy the children will also study printing, pattern, sewing and applique and 3D art techniques using a variety of materials allowing opportunities for practise and develop mastery in these areas.


Art at Dame Dorothy aims to offer children the opportunity for enjoyment and self-expression.  Through the study of other artists, the children learn an appreciation and understanding of the world of the visual arts, and develop the confidence and skills to feel that they are able to make their own art whilst celebrating their achievements.