Year 6

Teacher Blog


My name is Mrs Pearson. I have been a Year 6 teacher for a long time now and I love it! We work at a fast and furious pace in Year 6 as we work towards the end of Key stage 2, the SATs and secondary school. Between myself, Mrs Elliott and Miss Baker, we try to make the Year 6 experience fun with lots of great topic work, educational visits and of course, Derwent Hill.


In literacy we are reading Dimanche Diller at Sea by Henrietta Branford. This is a great book all about the experience of a young girl who has become an orphan after the death of both her parents. She ends up in the hands of a vile aunty and we here all about her adventures to protect her inheritance . We will be using the book to improve our reading comprehension skills and also our writing skills. We will be writing letters, diary entries, character descriptions and lots of other genres all linked with the book.


In SPAG we are continuing to learn technical grammar and punctuation. We are also beginning to revise in the build up to the SATs test in May. Our knowledge of grammar and punctuation is very good and improving!


Our spelling list for this year is the same as Year 5 for the most part. We will also be learning about prefixes and suffixes. We try to combine our spelling with handwriting and grammar lessons.


We have very high expectations in all subjects but in maths we have an outstanding track record of results over the past few years. We will be striving to match or even exceed the standards from previous years. Children will be given mental maths homework every day. I have also begun to give children problem solving questions every night which will help to reinforce their reasoning skills in maths. The homework comes with a warning! PLEASE DON’T SPEND MORE THAN HALF AN HOUR EACH NIGHT. IF IT IS TAKING LONGER, THEY NEED TO SEE ME SO I CAN GIVE EXTRA SUPPORT IN CLASS.

It is essential that they have a sound knowledge of basic number facts by the time they reach Year 6 particularly multiplication and related division facts.


This term we will be concentrating on a science based topic. We will be learning all about electricity. We will be making various types of circuits and becoming experts at identifying and solving problems relating to them. We will be visiting the Life Centre as part of our topic.


In ICT we are learning to about coding and debugging. We will be using the internet to search for information and develop our word processing and publishing skills.


In Music from the BBC 10 Pieces for Primary, we will be listening to “The Firebird” by Igor Stravinsky. They will examine the structure of this music and make a written response. There will also be a focus on using standard notation, including note values. The children will be asked to investigate how harmonies are used and how melodic ostinato (repeated patterns) are used to accompany singing. They will be encouraged to create their own accompaniment for a simple melody. Year 6 will be encouraged to use a range of musical terms in response to our chosen music of the month.


We go to the library on a Tuesday. We have been lucky enough to buy new reading books this year. Our books are colour banded depending on reading ability. These books will be changed weekly. We invite you to read with your child and make comments in their reading journal. The children will also have the opportunity to take a library book home to read at their leisure. We urge our children to read every day for 15-20 minutes.


In PE we are doing tennis in the first half term. PE is on a Thursday. Swimming will be on a Friday afternoon for Year 6 in the first half term. If any parents can help us out by walking to the pool with us, that would be very much appreciated.