Year 5


Kate Campion and I have taught Y5 Dame Dorothy for five years, although I have been a teacher for many years before this. Year 5 is a big step up for the children and the pace is quick. However we make sure we have lots of fun, great topic work subjects and start to understand the value of money through hard work to fundraise for a residential trip within year 6.


In literacy we are reading ‘Reaching for the Moon’, by Buzz Aldrin, which links with our topic of Space. We will be examining the features of non-fiction texts and writing our own biographies. We look at inference and deeper understanding of why the author writes in the style he does and implies feelings rather than states them. The children will be using this book to adapt their writing within biographies, leaflets, letters and persuasive writing.


In SPAG we are looking at using subordinating conjunctions to create subordinate clauses before moving onto modal verbs for the effect of possibility.  We will then use onto relative clauses to add information to a sentence and relative pronouns. Reminders of correct punctuation and capital letters will be daily!


Spelling groups will include understanding the rules of adding the suffix ‘ation, ly and ure’, although we will be focusing on our non-negotiable words that need to be correct in all independent writing through-out the term. These words will include: with, which, there, where, were, want, could, should and would. We will then be looking at root words and how to apply spelling rules to add suffixes and prefixes.


In maths we will still focus on written methods for subtraction, addition, division and multiplication. We will also be looking at area and perimeter and shape and space within this topic as well. The children will look at deeper understanding of fractions and percentages within this term. Children will have a high focus on times tables and daily mental maths will encourage speed recall. These are the root of our maths lessons and ALL children must be able to recall them, please help work on these at home as well.


This term we will be starting our term off with a topic of Stargazing, looking at our solar system and the keys roles within the movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon. Whilst making moon diaries, so look out for these coming home. After half term we will be moving to the topic of “Off with their heads” looking at the history of our monarchs and their influences on present day. Starting with our first King, Alfred the Great, all the way to our future King George and how someone becomes heir to the throne by examining family trees.


In ICT we are looking at spreadsheets, linking this to our fundraising within profit and loss. We will also focus on word processing skills on desk tops and on iPad.


In Music The objectives for music in Year 5 include improvising and recording their own melodies. Using the digital resource, Charanga, these melodies will be in the jazz style. Clarinet and flute lessons will continue with Mr Brown and the Dame Dorothy Ukulele Band will expand their repertoire of chords and songs! Learning standard notation will be a challenge, but through the use of games and rhymes Year 5 will surely succeed!

After half term they will compose their own melodies and record in a range of ways. The children will be encouraged to record their own compositions using standard notation. There will be an opportunity to sing and play a musical round.


After half term they will be focussing on standard notation – a key element of the National Curriculum for music. They will compose their own melodies and record in a range of ways. Notation will be taught using games and interactive activities. In December we will learn a range of festive songs and listen to some traditional carols from around the world as our music of the month.


We go to the library on a Monday afternoon, to change our new reading books and to also choose a library book of our choice. Year 5 will keep these books in school ready for Tuesday and our shared reading lesson. All children must have there reading books in school on Monday ready for the week ahead.


In PE we are looking at gymnastics, learning skills of balance, apparatus work and a variety of floor displays. Then moving to football after half term. Children need their P.E kits every Wednesday and will need trainers. We will be outside when ever possible so warm P.E kits maybe required. We swim on a Monday at 1.30 for this half term.


This year we will be going to …………………………………………………..